St Mark’s Waterfalls

A waterfall is a large quantity of water that pours down rapidly from a height. A natural waterfall is formed when a river or stream or ravine flows over a cliff, steep incline or precipice. Waterfalls provide health related benefits to individuals as well as financial benefits.

The health benefits of waterfalls include the relaxing, soothing or peaceful effect that can be experienced when in viewing proximity of a waterfall. That is because of the natural aesthetic properties of waterfalls that we perceive as being beautiful. Getting to a waterfall sometimes involve walking or hiking which improves the respiratory system by the physical exercise that is required to bring one’s body to a waterfall. We should also mention that waterfalls are often located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in areas where the air is cleaner., hence better to inhale.

Waterfalls sometimes come from deep within rocks, carrying with it minerals that may not be always be found elsewhere. Bathing in waterfalls in turn can improve health, and is even said to be able to cure certain ailments. Thus waterfalls improves both the physical health and mental health of individuals.

Waterfalls can also be used to generate renewable clean energy or electricity. This can bring tremendous financial benefits to individual, villages and country.

In St. Mark’s there are many waterfalls that can be found along the river and stream courses. This waterfalls are mainly away from the public or in the mountain regions. Individuals often times hike to these waterfalls, however, it is journey for the fit and the brave, as there is no readily accessible roads. In the future we would love to have accessible roads where all would be able to visit these beautiful natural water cascades.