St. Mark’s Talents

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A talent as defined by Dictionary Dot Com as a special natural ability or aptitude. It also goes one to define the word talent as having an ability or capacity for achievement or success. In providing this definition, it would be useful to note, that St. Mark’s people are very talented people or people with an exceptional capacity to achieve.

The list of talents as possessed by individuals could be unlimited as talents is a personal thing. Talents can take a while to be discovered and often times individuals hardly even discover their true talent. Nonetheless the website Manifest Your Talent provides four main categories in which a talent may fall into. These categories are:
I. Action based talents
II. Sensitivity based talents
III. Awareness based talents
IV. Instinct or knowing based talents.

Action Based Talents
Action based talents and abilities deals with being exceptionally well at a particular task. These tasks include being able to play music by ear, without having the read the notes on a music sheet, being good at cooking, for instance being able to create tasty meals in a short space of time and being good at a sporting discipline.

Sensitivity Based Talents

Sensitivity based talents or abilities deals with being good with one of the six known senses which are: smelling, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and subtle perception ability (deals with the sense the spiritual or unseen world). Examples of sensitivity based talents or abilities includes being sensitive to particular music frequency, being sensitive to nature and being able to tell the particular energy in a location.

Awareness Based Talents
Awareness based talents or abilities is what we call common sense. It does not deal with logical or mental reasoning ability. Examples of awareness based abilities includes being able to sense when danger is near, and being able to tell that something is not in the right place.

Knowing Based Talents or Instinct
Knowing based talents or abilities or what is known as instinct is being able to tell something that is beyond knowledge or normal cognition. Examples of knowing based talents or instinct include being able to tell which direction is north without using a compass, and being able to tell who is calling when the phone rings.

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