Sunset City Festival

Saint Mark as we know is the author of the second gospel in the Holy Bible. He was a native of Libya and said to be the founder of Christianity in Egypt. He was a disciple of Jesus the Christ. The titles of Saint Mark includes, The Evangelist, The Apostle, The Witness and The Martyr. In Grenada after the island was restored back to the British by the French by the Treaty Of Versailles in 1783, it would be a common guess that parishes were created by the British, and named after the saints in the Holy Bible. It could well be the case as names such as Grand Pauvre was renamed with names such as Victoria, however, we know of these names because that is the name the elders used to refer to the town until recently. Currently, we have found no records of a parish that existed before which was later renamed to St. Mark’s.

The parish of St. Mark’s is located on the north-western coast of Grenada, its shores washed by waves from the Caribbean sea, and boasts of a sunset that is exquisitely beautiful. The parish is also known as the Sunset City.

Grenada is governed by a democratic system with a local representative selected by voting at the polls once every four to five years under normal circumstances. The current local representative is Dr Clarice Modeste, the minister of foreign affairs in Grenada’s government, and previously a praticising medical doctor in the parish (before coming forward as a candidate to represent the parish). A committee was setup in the year 1987, called the St. Mark’s Development Committee with the aim of developing the community from the ground level. Some of the original and founding members of the committee includes Mr Anthony Argar Alexander, Mr Samuel Britton, Mr Franklyn Marshall and Mr Denneth Modeste. The committee now goes by the name of St. Mark’s Organisation for Development, under the capable leadership of
Mr Raymond Baptiste and Dr Julie Dubois.

The St. Mark’s Celebration is an annual celebration across the christian world, held on April 27th in commemoration of The Apostle. The first official St. Mark’s Day Celebration in Grenada was organised by the St. Mark’s Development Committee.

The St. Mark’s Celebrations in Grenada is normally a very festive time for the people of St. Mark’s, with many activities taking place. The activities which includes sporting activities, such as knockout cricket and football competition, health walks, health fairs, food festival, hiking… span well over a month, leading up to a final week of activities, known as the St. Mark’s Week of Activities. Residents would proclaim St. Mark’s Celebrations the best time of the year, less Christmas, as people from all over the island of Grenada, and even visitors to the island would make their way to St. Mark’s for the celebrations