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Hello world! Welcome to the website of Sunset City Grenada! It has been a while since a blog article has been posted on here, and even a longer while since we posted our first article on here.

If you are visiting our website for the first time, what have you missed? Let’s see… quite a bit! We first launched this website on March 14th 2015, almost four years ago. Back then the website looked something as the image in the top left. Exactly what you are thinking, it was not much then. To be fair, it is still not much now, but it was even lesser so back then.

Hello World: Sunsetcity.gd 3
What we looked like last year

If you have visited our website in the past, then you would be familiar with the layout above. It was an incomplete project! We are still an incomplete project, but we were more incomplete back then.

Hello World: Sunsetcity.gd 4
Sunset City Grenada 3.0

Before we continue, let us add for the record sake that St. Mark’s have some of the most amazing people in the world!

While our website remained an embarrassing attempt to showcase our beloved parish of Sunset City, we continued to engage with our people through Facebook. Inspiration was never in short supply! On the Sunset City Grenada profile, we saw a people who supported each other in tough times and congratulated each other in moments of greatness! We felt the frustration of individuals who were victims of rumours, we saw pictures of talented individuals using their talents to earn a living, and we saw young entrepreneurs going against all odds to start business enterprises!

In our email inbox, we received messages from esteemed members of our community, encouraging us to keep on going. We also received constructive criticism, letting us know if we are to showcase St. Mark’s then we should do it correctly or we will be sending the wrong messages out there.

Hello World: Sunsetcity.gd 9
Sunsetcity.gd underconstruction

We proceeded to take our website offline, and developed a framework from the ground up, which we believe will better serve our community and showcase the great things St. Mark’s have to offer. We are still performing some tweaks to get it perfect, both functionally and aesthetically. The website was back online on Monday, after being offline for almost three months. We are still not quite there yet, but we are getting there!

Hello World: Sunsetcity.gd 10
Sunset City Grenada – Featured and Upcoming Events

Finally, if there is a feature you would like added to our website, which is actually your website, do get in touch. If you believe you can contribute someway or the other, get in touch. If you are a writer and would like your articles to be featured on our website, please do get in touch! We only have one requirement, you must be from Sunset City Grenada, or belong to the diaspora of St. Mark’s Grenada.

PS. Earlier we stated that if you are visiting the website for the first time, you have missed quite a bit, this is almost true, you may have missed out on the frustration of visiting the website to find it has not been updated in months, getting stuck due to poor navigation and long loading times… however, the good news is that we have managed to keep most, if not all our content which is there for your viewing pleasure.

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