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The Bonair Government School is one of two primary schools operating in St. Mark’s Grenada, facilitating the rounded development of young people in the parish. The primary educational institution is located in Bonair, St. Mark’s, Grenada, and has been in operation for over thirty years. The school celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in the year 2013. The school boasts of successes in primary school football, where it has shown dominance in Grenada in recent years. The school has also created stalwart national role models in academic studies, including Akima Paul Lambert, a Caribbean scholar and now practising lawyer in the United Kingdom.

Minister of Education Speaking to Staff & Students at Bonaire Government School

Most recently the Bonair Government School has been in the news, with teachers and parents expressing concern over a potential health hazard that has resulted in classes being held elsewhere in the parish.

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Awaiting Toxicology Report 17.02.16

In December 2015, a project was awarded to a local contractor to refurbish the roof of the Bonair Government School. The project was scheduled to be completed in three to six weeks. However, when the teachers and students returned to the school, several complaints were raised by students and teachers experiencing ill health in the new building. The symptoms included tightening of the chest. This was said to be as a result of a chemical which was used by the contractor to treat the plywood used in the roof of the building. The students and staff were moved to other areas of the community whilst a toxicology study was conducted.

The toxicology report was made available to the ministry, and the ministry confirmed that the reports made by the students and teachers were genuine; however, the actual content of the report was not made available to the public.

Most recently the principal of the Bonair Government School has expressed his views on what seems to be the lack of proper documentation to provide the confidence needed for staff and students to return to the refurbished building.

Building Concern At Bonair Government School 05.13.16

We await more on this development.

UPDATE 22/05/2016: Information reaching us says the Bonair Government School is now in order. Teachers and students are back in the school.


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