Sunset City is a beautiful historical parish on the western coast of the island of Grenada, with shores washed by the Caribbean sea.  The formal name of the parish is St. Mark’s after Saint Mark the evangelist from North Africa traditionally ascribed author of The Gospel of Saint Mark and founder of the Church of Alexandria, whose emblem is the winged lion and feast day celebrated on April 25th. The town is called Victoria named after the British Queen Victoria who adopted the title of Empress of India. Queen Victoria ruled over The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 20th June 1837 until her death On 1st May 1876.

The name Sunset City was adopted by the parish from the beautiful sunset that pleases the eyes from almost anywhere in the parish.

Sunset City is home to the peak of the tallest mountain in Grenada, Mount St. Catherine, a stratovolcano and the youngest of five volcanoes which comprise the island, towers a lofty 840m above sea level.

Tufton Hall waterfall which is the tallest known waterfall on the island, lies within the rainforest of Sunset City a relaxing three (3) hours hike from Victoria, and its estimated height is 25m.

Sunset City strategic location with the Caribbean sea on one side, rich volcanic soil throughout the parish, and various sources of fresh clean water supplies, boast of fresh agricultural supplies throughout the year and is well re-known for its food – including fish fresh from the sea – and most recently two chocolate factories converting local cacao into edible treats.

The population of St. Mark’s is approximately 4000. The native language spoken is Grenadian dialect, which is a broken version of English – English being the official language of Grenada. The elders in the parish may also converse in Patois, however, that language is dying out. The people of Sunset City are very talented, friendly, humble and hard working. Hurricanes football club which is native to Sunset City is amongst the oldest and most successful football club in Grenada. There is no shortage of academic scholars in the parish.

The idea for this website, stemmed from a Facebook group called St. Mark’s Grenada for ‘people from St. Mark’s and those who know people from St. Mark’s.

This website is dedicated to factual information and issues relating to the people of St. Mark’s Grenada. It is the aim to bring people that are from St. Mark’s and those who know people that are from St. Mark’s together for the positive development of the community.