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To everything in existence there is a beginning. The current knowledge of the existence of everything held by many living on planet earth, leads back to one sentence or text or verse, whichever suits best in describing the words, ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’ An excerpt from the book of Genesis. Any knowledge prior to that requires precedence. Some may not even wander beyond this point in thought, something must have happened. Those who do wander may try to answer, what happened? How did it happen? The order it happened… there are things we encounter, which requires precedence, and there are things where there is no precedence. To ‘cut the wild goose chase short’, (which would mean the hunter either caught a wild goose, or decided to catch a wild goose on another expedition), there is no precedence to the writing and publishing of this article at this time or stage of development of the website Sunset City Grenada West Indies.

It is about thirteen months since the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), SunsetCity.Gd was registered to specify an address online for the beautiful and unique parish of St. Mark’s in Grenada, West Indies and the humble and talented individuals that come from there. It is not the first URL that has been identified with similar or even identical purpose. There is also SunsetCityGrenada.Com, a website where you can leave ‘shoutouts’ to people from St. Mark’s, Grenada. SunsetCityGrenada.Com was setup by someone that visited St. Mark’s Grenada on ‘a voluntary work scheme’, fell in love with the place and wanted to keep in contact, as well as tell others about this unique part of the earth. Unlike SunsetCityGrenada.Com, SunsetCity.Gd is setup by local people from St. Mark’s Grenada with the aim of assisting in the positive development of St. Mark’s Grenada and its residents.

The idea for this website, came from an esteemed and inspirational young lady, Ms Jenna Palmer, who saw the need to bring together people of St. Mark’s, and sparked a flame when she started a group on facebook called St. Mark’s Grenada.  The group has been growing steadily and has just over one thousand members, at the time this post was written.  This website, is no means an attempt to replace this active group, but rather aims to enhance.  It is the wish, everyone could work together to develop the community of St. Mark’s, which is loved by many.

The first post was published March 17th 2015, just over a year ago, and was not more than a sentence… ‘Welcome to the website of sunset city…’ and a featured image.  Well we cannot exactly call it a post, but it was something to click on, when there was a need to, whatever, that need may be.

Sunset City - The First Article

Sunset City – The First Article

Since then, the website has come along way, with valued feedback from you, taking it to where it is today, with a bit more content, but still not there as yet.  There are some issues that needs to be addressed, some on the development side of things and some on the administrative end.  However, there are parts of the website which is functioning well enough, so going forward, we would be rolling out the features as they are completed, rather than waiting on the entire package’.

Some of the features currently available on Sunset City Grenada website (beta release) includes:
Articles – well written informative pieces.  At least one new article on current issues in St. Mark’s will be published weekly.
Photo Galleries – moment in time in St. Mark’s Grenada captured with camera.  At least two new images per day, is the intention.
Social – user registration, comments, messages, etc. More information will be published on this.
Events – activities taking place in the community.  Events will be published as made available, to ensure your events is in our community event calendar, please send us an email at or (community events are listed for free).
Forums – community discussion, group discussions.  Would be great to get some feedback from you, on how to best to this.
Classifieds – listing of business in the community.

We are asking for your patience or tolerance with us, whilst we work to get our website to perfection, as for now,   this website can be viewed as a beta release, and we will be keeping you updated along the way.  We promise for now you will be seeing less of this annoying screen:

Sunset City Website Under Construction

Sunset City Website Under Construction


… and more of something looking as this….

Screenshot from 2016-04-11 16:12:08

For this week, we will attempt to add lots of fresh content on here, including the list of activities for the Sunset City Festival 2016.  Please bookmark this website, and do share it with your friends and talk about it.

Thank you.


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