St. Mark’s Crafts

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A craft can be loosely defined as any activity involving skill to make something by hands. People from St. Mark’s are traditionally skillful or crafty. In St. Mark’s Grenada, many things are done manually, and with limited access to certain resources that may be deemed as necessary elsewhere. Residents are not only skillful but also very creative in utilizing common materials that can be found locally to create master craft pieces. Among the crafts you will find in St. Mark’s include, household utensils (created using raw materials from the rain forest), such as swivel sticks from particular plants, bowls from calabash plant, cups from bamboo plants, wearable items such as necklaces and belts are made by hands, using both natural and synthetic materials. Expert crafts people would construct more complex pieces, such as buildings, furniture, fences utilising both natural products from the forest and commercially available materials that would be very durable and long lasting. Crafts people from St. Mark’s also design crafts used for transportation, such as boats and carts that are used for recreational purposes and also for earning livelihoods.

According to About Dot Com, there are five types of crafts; textiles, paper, decorative, fashion and functional crafts. For the purpose of standardisation and simplicity we would use these categories to define crafts from St. Marks, although this list is by no means exhaustive, as St. Mark’s people are indeed very crafty and creative, and there is often something unique that can seen that may capture the eye. However, this is to give an idea of some of the crafts you would find in St. Mark’s Grenada W.I.

Textile Crafts
The word textile comes from the Latin word textilis which translates as woven in English or the Latin word texere which translates as to weave in the English language. The Free Dictionary defines textiles as ‘raw material suitable to be made into cloth’, and gives example such as yarn or fibre. The skills used to convert these raw materials into craft includes weaving, knitting or felting. In St. Mark’s textiles are used to make items such as belts, hats, bags, clothing and decorative items.


Paper Crafts
According to dictionary dot com paper is a substance made from wood pulp, rags, straw or other fibrous material. It is usually in the form of thin sheets, which can be used for writing or printing, and for wrapping things etc. Paper crafts utilises paper, card or card board as the primary artistic medium for the creation of three-dimensional objects. It is the most common type of craft. Example of paper crafts found in St. Mark’s includes kites, ornamental flowers and animals. Cardboard is a common material used in making hats for carnival costumes.

Decorative Crafts
To decorate according to the Collins dictionary is to make some attractive or to make something look nice. Decorative crafts are often crafts that are prized for their household purposes or usefulness rather than their aesthetic qualities. Hence decorative crafts adds beauty to something that is useful that would have been hard to appreciate as being beautiful otherwise. Examples of decorative crafts found in St. Mark’s includes furniture and accessories.

Fashion Crafts
Fashion crafts are crafts which adorns elements of the human body. Fashion crafts such as belts can also fall into the category of textile crafts. Other examples of fashion crafts found in St. Mark’s includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings made from combining natural products with synthetic or commercially available materials.

Functional Crafts
Many of the other types of crafts can be termed as functional as their serve a purpose or can be useful. In St. Mark’s many of the crafts are functional as, functional crafts are more appealing to the potential customer or user of the craft.

Our image gallery of functional crafts can be viewed here ( In the near future our we would also have a discussion forum dedicated to crafts in St. Mark’s Grenada W.I.


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