St. Mark’s Academics


Academics pertains to courses at school that has no practical or realistic purpose. Academics deals with theories taught at school. St. Mark’s has many persons that are good at academics, that is studying and passing exams.

There are two primary educational institutions that teach young people academics in St. Mark’s. The Bonair Government School is located at Bonair in St. Mark’s, and the Samaritan Presbyterian School which is located at Samaritan in St. Mark’s. There is one secondary educational institution in St. Mark’s, that is, the St. Mark’s Secondary School which is located in Waltham in St. Mark’s.

More information on date of establishment, history, number of students in attendance, courses offered, principal and notable students and teachers of these institutions will be provided in the near future.

Our academics photo gallery and discussion forum on St. Mark’s academics is coming soon.


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