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Welcome to the website of Sunset City Saint Mark’s Grenada.  Here you will find information relating to the parish of Saint Mark’s and its town called Victoria also known as Sunset City.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

Contribute to the development of the community through active discussion of current issues. Only registered members are able to contribute to the forum, but everyone is free to view. Get registered today. See you on the inside.

News Articles

News Articles

Well written narratives on current issues in the community of St. Mark’s If you have a local story you would like to share, please contact us. Regards.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

St. Mark’s is a very beautiful parish, from the sea coast to the mountain tops. The people of St. Mark’s are a unique talented bunch. Our galleries contain moments captured in St. Mark’s. If you would like to add images to our gallery, please contact us. Regards.

Community Events

Community Events

Please check out events page, to find events in the community. If you would like to add an event, please do contact us. Thanks

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